My Scandinavian Travels so Far


The Great Belt Bridge linking Scandinavia to Europe.

I am currently holed up in a tiny village in Norway right now catching up on all the activity of the last week or two. Four shoots and several days riding have kept me going flat out so its good to stop and start piecing together what I have done so far. See More…

I spent a amazing couple of weeks in Copenhagen and met up with Norse Projects and Rutzou. I managed to do a shoot with both of them and met loads of cool creatives in the process. I also met and interviewed Susanne Rutzou who turned out to be quite the charming lady. I will be doing a blog piece on both brands soon. I also met up with beautiful Anna Kristine Carlson for a quick shoot which turned out great.


Model: Anna Kristine Carlson

Copenhagen is every bit the relaxed and stylish city it is reputed to be. I spent a lot of time in the cafes around town organising shoots and processing photos for my photodiary. Whilst Scandinavia is well known for being expensive I found Copenhagen to be fairly affordable with most prices comparable to London. I managed to visit most parts of Copenhagen during my two week stay there and each bit has its own offerings. I particularly enjoyed Norrebro where I was staying. It is a young and trendy part of town with cool little bars and cafes and plenty of informal restaurants. I noticed a common theme for restaurants to only have one thing on the menu- the special for the evening. I also visited Christiania a hippy commune that started in the 70’s. I was surprised to find weed sold openly at stalls throughout the compound. It was a beautiful spot on a lake with plenty of grassy spots to get stoned relax. No photos were allowed inside but here is an arial view of it!


Arial view of Christiania.

After Copenhagen I bid farewell to Lizzette and Josefin my lovely housemates and drove up the coast of Denmark to Helsingor to catch the ferry to Sweden. That morning I had stopped a german lady in Copenhagen because my bike battery had run flat and I needed to jump start my bike with her car battery. She told me about the east coast of Denmark and how it is known as the Danish Riviera. She turned out to be right and I had a great drive up. There were huge homes overlooking the sea and gorgeous winding roads wound along the glistening coastline. When the time came to catch the ferry to Sweeden I was sad to say goodbye to Denmark. I arrived in Gothenburg later that evening during a street festival. I had a great couple of days with Fredrik and Gabriel from Velour who showed me around Gothenburg and then took me out to the islands for our shoot. I will also be doing a full post on that.


Islands of Gothenburg

I spent the next couple of days driving up to the village I’m staying at now with my brother who is here in his camper van and we are planning some whitewater rafting in the freezing rivers tomorrow. The drive here was an epic ride with the roads winding through the mountains, around the fords and through tunnels that go on for miles and miles. The views for the last three hours during the never ending sunset were staggering. It doesn’t get fully dark here which takes a bit of getting used to and my brother and I sat tending to our bbq and watching the sun go down over the mountains at about 11 last night.

My next blog post will be Norse Projects so stand by for that!

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