Lilly Allen and Sarah Owen’s Lucy in Disguise Launch Night at Harvey Nichols

The next couple of blog posts are going to be regarding work I have been doing recently. Tuesday this week I had the honor of covering The Lucy In Disguise launch night at Harvey Nichols in Manchester. Hit the jump for the write up and pics of the event including the Lucy In Disguise line modeled by Boss Models

The event started with champagne and the sounds of 40’s classics played on old Gramophone’s, courtesy of It’s a Wind Up! I had been asked to get names of the guests I was taking pictures of, so Gemma had come along with a very official looking clipboard and, as I called out file numbers she was trailing behind me chatting with ticket holders and taking down names. Very helpful and preferable to the alternative which is snap, scrible, snap, scrible etc.
While this was going on Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen were being interviewed by Manchester Confidential behind the scenes. After the interview there was a press shoot with the two sisters and then they came out to do a Q and A conducted by Emma Doyle from Manchester Fashion Network pictured above. They were asked questions like who would you love to dress with one of the items from your new line, alive or dead? Meanwhile I was snapping away.

After the Q and A session I went out where I had done the press shoot with Lily and Sarah and set up a couple of lights to get photographs of the models in the different outfits. As I was packing up I ended up chatting to Emma Doyle about the session with Lily and Sarah and was invited for coffee at the Manchester Fashion Network. A great evening all round.  Then for me it was off home to pick and process the photos for the next days press release from Harvey Nichols. I got to bed at about 5am with the selected photos winging their way towards HN’s inbox.


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