About Sven

El Gitano Marquesas

Sven’s family home anchored in the Marquesas Islands in the Pacific.

Sven spent the first 18 years of his life sailing around the world on a small home built boat. His first photos came from a cheap point and shoot film camera, which saw enough of the world to become battered and worn. After countless rolls of 35mm his grandfather took pity and gave him his old Pentax SLR. The way those prints came out, the colours, the depth of field and the grain, still inform his current style. He now has a career in fashion, music, editorial, and advertising photography with several well known and respected brands and individuals on his client list. He remains a keen traveler, his most recent photographic projects taking him to Vietnam and Scandinavia.

The Vietnam trip took him through the interior of Vietnam, from Hanoi to Saigon, to create a beautiful memoir of the Ho Chi Minh trail, a thousand kilometres of roads, dirt trails and rivers used by Vietnams most celebrated revolutionary leader, to win the Vietnam war. The trip was completed on a very temperamental motorbike nicknamed Huskey. The resulting short video can be found here.

The Scandinavia trip was a four month and five thousand mile round trip, this time on a (slightly) more reliable Harley Davidson. The trip was designed to meet up with some of the regions most exciting fashion labels, interview the head designers, document their work place, and shoot their latest collections on Scandinavian models, in beautiful nearby locations. With brands such as Our Legacy and Norse Projects and locations ranging from the bohemian township of Christainia to the wind swept islands of the Gothenburg Archipelago, a body of work was created along with in depth interviews from the designers and sent to British and international press, with a series taken up by hypebeast. hypebeast.

Sven is a freelance photographer now based in the Melbourne, Australia and is available for commissions internationally.


Filming on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam